Maryland-Style Crab Cake $7
One crab cake seasoned with Old Bay and grilled to a light golden color. Lots of crab with little filler!

crab cake

Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms $7
Mushroom caps (5-6) stuffed with crab cake, sautéed in garlic butter and garnished with Parmesan cheese.

Smoked Salmon Spread $7
A delicious in-house smoked fish spread served with saltine crackers and cucumber slices.

Soft-Shell Crabs $9
Three soft-shell crabs lightly dusted and sautéed.

Fried Clam Strips Basket $7
Our clam strips are breaded and fried golden.

Fried Green Tomatoes $4.50
Rolled in cornmeal in a truly Southern style.

Wasabi or Honey Mustard Deviled Eggs 6 Half Eggs – $5
Your choice of wasabi or honey mustard with a hint of Key lime puts these deviled eggs over the top!

* Char-Grilled Chicken Wings 6 Wings – $5    12 Wings – $10    20 Wings – $17
You pick your flavor – seasoned and/or sauced! 
Hickory Hollow’s Signature Barbecue Sauce (Mild or Hot), Teriyaki, Chipotle, Buffalo Barbecue (Medium Hot or Hot), Spicy Orange Ginger Glaze

* Char-Grilled Pork Shanks $3.50 each
An extremely tender and flavorful portion of pork that slides right off the bone, char-grilled with your choice of seasoning or sauce. These shanks are delicious!


Fried Green Bean Basket $5
A basket of green beans lightly dusted, fried and served with our zesty horseradish sauce. Delicious!

Fried Dilled Tomatoes $5
Now introducing… Mexican tomatillos that are dill pickled then deep fried. You had it here first. A taste explosion!


Corn Fritters Sweet flour and corn deep-fried just right. You can’t eat only one! Small (4) $1.50 Large (8) $2.50 Large Rolled in Powdered Sugar $3.50

Brunswick Stew A tummy-warming hearty slow-cooked stew featuring chicken, pork, corn, lima beans, small diced potatoes, onions and tomatoes. A Southern specialty and a Hickory Hollow favorite! Entrée Bowl w/ 4 fritters $7.25 Cup w/ Dinner $4.00 Bowl w/ Dinner $5.00

Gazpacho Soup A chilled, crisp veggie soup of Spanish origin. Fresh small-diced cucumber, zucchini, squash, green peppers, onions and tomatoes in a zesty tomato-based juice. Entrée Bowl w/ 4 fritters $7.25 Cup w/ Dinner $4.00 Bowl w/ Dinner $5.00