Dinner from the Farm.

We take great pride in the slow-cook process that is used to prepare all of our meats. If time is money, we spare no expense! All dinner platters are served with your choice of 2 vegetables and 2 corn fritters. A dinner roll, white bread or hamburger bun may be substituted upon request.

Pork Plate2Traditional Pulled Pork BarbecueToo tender to slice, slow-cooked, hickory-smoked pork pulled lean and dressed in our signature tomato-based barbecue sauce. Small $9 Large $11 Jumbo $13

Pork PlateCarolina-Style Pork Barbecue Eastern North Carolina-style barbecue – a specialty of the house! The same tender pork with sweet vinegar and seasonings marinated into the meat. Small $9 Large $11 Jumbo $13

RibsPork Spare Ribs Meaty portioned ribs, trimmed St.Louis-style basted and slow-cooked for 5 hours until they are fall-off-the-bone tender. Served with our signature tomato-based barbecue sauce. Small (1/2 lb.) $11 Large (1 lb.) $14 Jumbo (1 1/2 lbs.) $18

Baby RibsChar-Grilled Baby Back Ribs Slow-cooked then grilled, these babies are tender and packed with flavor. Our baby backs are one of the Hollow’s hottest must-try items! 1⁄2 Rack $11 Full Rack $17.25

ChickenBarbecued Chicken Hickory-smoked, fall-from-the-bone chicken basted in our signature tomato-based barbecue sauce. Small (1/4 Chicken) $9 Large (1/2 Chicken) $11

Prime Rib* Char-Grilled Prime Rib Rib-eye aged 21 days and slow-cooked to rare for 10-12 hours. Our prime rib is cut to order, char-grilled to your preferred temperature and served in natural juices. Enjoy it the way we would by adding one of our featured seasonings. Small (8-oz) $12 Large (12-oz) $17 Jumbo (16-oz) $22

Please note that to ensure tenderness we use a higher grade of meat which results in a larger amount of fat for flavoring. Any steaks that show more than the norm, we try to compensate with a more generous cut.


pork shank* Char-Grilled Pork Shanks An extremely moist and flavorful portion of pork that slides right off the bone, char-grilled with your choice of sauce or seasoning. You gotta try it to believe it! Small (2 Shanks) $9 Large (3 Shanks) $11 Jumbo (4 Shanks) $14

BeffauJusBeef Au Jus All-natural beef shoulder slow-cooked, seasoned with garlic and spices and pulled into pieces. This dish is served open- faced on a bun soaking up our savory natural juices. Small $10 Large $13 Jumbo $15

Beef Barbecue All-natural beef shoulder, slow-cooked, pulled into pieces and laced with our tomato-based barbecue sauce. Small $10 Large $13 Jumbo $15

chop sirloin* Char-Grilled Chopped Sirloin Premium ground sirloin char-grilled to the temperature of your choice, topped with grilled onions and served in natural au jus. Choose a seasoning for extra flavor. Small (6-oz) $9 Large (12-oz) $12 Jumbo (16-oz) $15

chicken saladSmoked Chicken Salad Our hickory-smoked chicken sets this creamy salad apart from the rest. Chunks of chicken blended with diced celery, onions, and hard-boiled eggs in a slightly sweet mayo-based dressing served on a lettuce leaf. Small $9 Large $11

Fried Chicken Tenders Meaty white breast tenders deep fried in a crunchy seasoned breading. Small (3 Tenders) $8.50     Large (5 Tenders) $11     Jumbo (8 Tenders) $13 Jumbo

HamSmoked Ham Platter Thin-sliced cured ham. Small $8.50 Large $11

Smoked turkeySmoked Turkey Platter A moist hand-carved portion of smoked turkey breast. Small $8.50 Large $11

Veggie Platter Choose four from our extensive list of vegetables! Small $8 Large $9

Selections from the Sea

Crab CakesBaltimore-Style Crab Cakes Lots of crab and little filler – our crab cakes are seasoned with Old Bay and grilled to a light golden brown. Small (1 Cake) $11 Large (2 Cakes) $16 Jumbo (3 Cakes) $21

fish of the day* Fish of the Day From Australian Snook to Black Grouper, our featured fish is grilled to perfection with your choice of seasonings. Small, Large or Jumbo Market Price

tilapia* Farm-Raised Tilapia A mild, flaky white fish fillet cooked a choice of two ways – deep fried in a saltine-seasoned blend or grilled with your choice of our featured seasonings. Small (1 fillet) $9 Large (2 fillets) $13 Jumbo (3 fillets) $16

catfishSouthern-Style Catfish Fillet Rolled in cornmeal and deep fried to a golden crisp. Small (1 fillet) $9 Large (2 fillets) $13 Jumbo (3 fillets) $16

* Grilled Rainbow Trout A delicate fillet grilled with your choice of seasoning. Small (1/4 lb) $11 Large (1/2 lb) $15 Jumbo (3/4 lb) $19

shrimpCountry-Fried Shrimp Butterflied shrimp, lightly dusted in our seasoned bread crumb blend and deep fried. Small (6) $11 Large (10) $16 Jumbo (15) $22

scallopsFried Sea Scallops Medium-sized sea scallops lightly dusted in our seasoned bread crumb blend and deep fried. Small (1/4 lb.) $11 Large (1/2 lb.) $16 Jumbo (3/4 lb.) $22

clamsFried Clam Strips Clams strips lightly dusted in seasoned saltine crumbs and golden fried. Small $9 Large $11 Jumbo $13

soft shellSoft-Shell Crabs Small succulent soft-shell crabs lightly dusted in our seasoned flour blend and pan sauteed. Note: Soft shell crabs are meant to be eaten as a whole crab, shell and all. We cannot adjust prices for misunderstood orders. Small (3 Crabs) $11 Large (6 Crabs) $16 Jumbo (9 Crabs) $21

seafood PlatterSeafood Platter A taste of everything! Your choice of fried Catfish or Tilapia (fried or grilled), fried shrimp, fried scallops and 1 crab cake. $22 *Add fried clams for $2.50.