Our rotating list of delicious sides.  Over 20 to choose from daily.

CornRoasted Corn & Peppers – Yellow sweet corn cooked in a skillet with diced roasted onions, green & red bell peppers and seasonings.

apple asauceApple Sauce – Chunky-style apple sauce topped with cinnamon sugar

au gratin potatoAu Gratin Potatoes– Diced potatoes baked with cheese

baked beansBaked Beans – True baked beans with brown sugar and molasses that is baked until thickened

carrotsBaby Carrots – Belgium style carrots simmmered in brown sugar and butter

limasBaby Limas – Small green limas served with butter

blaeye peasBlack-Eyed Peas – One of the more popular field peas seasoned with onion and pork drippings

caulifowerBroccoli, Cauliflower & Cheese – All of our vegetables are cooked and seasoned from our family recipes that were originated in the North Carolina and Virginia area.

butter peasButtered Peas – In the field pea family, it looks like a lima bean (green to cream color) and cooked with pork au jus

cabbageCabbage – Steamed, seasoned and served with butter

slawCole Slaw – Hand-chopped and tossed with our own slightly sweet creamy mayo based dressing

collardsCollard greens – Hand-stripped collards simmered in vinegar and pork au jus

corn puddingCorn Pudding – Egg & milk custard baked with corn which gives a pudding texture. It’s not as sweet as dessert but sweeter than most veggies.

cottage cheeseCottage Cheese – Medium curd with a creamy texture

green beansGreen Beans – Fresh whole green beans seasoned with pork au jus

fruit saladCranberry Fruit Salad – Whipped Jell-o with cranberries, apples, oranges and pineapples

macMac & Cheese – Made with real sharp cheddar cheese, and baked till golden brown

mac saladMacaroni Salad – A creamy seasoned pasta with onions & celery

mash potatoeMashed Potatoes with Au Jus – Locally grown potatoes, mashed and served with real beef au jus

new potatoeNew Potatoes – Small red locally grown potatoes, diced, grilled and seasoned with salt, pepper, parsley and butter

peach plusPeach Plus – Whipped Jell-o with peaches, pineapple and apple

potatoe saladPotato Salad – Diced locally grown potatoes tossed with a small amount of onions, celery, hard-boiled eggs and our own homemade mayo dressing

sauerkraut tomatoeSauerkraut & Tomatoes – The two items compliment each other for a wonderful blend of flavors

spinich souffleSour Cream Spinach Souffle – Baked with sour cream and eggs. If you like spinach in any given way, you will love this.

squashCheesy Squash Casserole – Yellow summer squash baked with sharp cheddar cheese & seasoned to perfection

stweed tomatoeStewed Tomatoes – Grandma’s Recipe: Tomatoes slow-cooked with a little onion, sugar and butter. A small amount of bread is added at the end of the cooking process to absorb the juices.

sugar snapSugar Snap Peas – A sweet flavor with a crunchy texture, a cross between a snow pea and green pea in the pod steamed and served with butter

yam pattyYam Patties – Whipped & shaped into a patty, heated on the grill and served with butter and cinnamon sugar

waldorfWaldorf Salad – Diced apples, celery, raisins and pecans with a sweet mayo dressing

zipper peasZipper Peas – A field pea that is rounder than a black-eye, lighter in color, creamier in texture and seasoned with onions and pork drippings

Seasonal Selection

brussel sproutBrussel Sprouts – Fresh sprouts that are steamed and served with butter

Pickled Beets – Small locally grown whole beets that we pick ourselves

rutabagasRutabagas – A yellow turnip that is steamed and mashed, served with sugar and bacon for extra seasoning

Succotash – Limas, white corn, salt, pepper, sugar and butter

Pole Beans – A long broad bean, naturally sweeter than green beans

fried corn cobFried Corn on the Cob – Deep frying enchances a popcorn flavor so there’s no need for butter